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Shake off this sadness, and recover your spirit

Earlier today I was organizing, trying to get ready for my move and all that. I found an encouraging letter my Aunt had given me a few months ago. I wanted to share the encouragement along!

 “You are the perfect you. No one can be a better you, no matter how much they so desire. This does not mean that you don’t have the potential to become more. It simply means that you are not in competition with anyone. When you truly accept the fact that you have all you need to become fully you, you free yourself from a self-created, artificial identity. To be someone you are not takes inordinate amounts of energy that could better go toward a more productive activity. Since you are one of a kind, the message here is clear. You have something tot offer that will never again be possible. To devalue this is not only a tragedy for you, but, in fact, for the world.”


I am only one, but still I am one.

I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.

I will not refuse to do something I can do.

-Helen Keller