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Bucket List

Finally started my first bucket list. Let’s see where this leads me..

1. Take a road trip to California, USA.

2. Stay at the Hotel Del Coronado.bucketlist

3. Buy a boat

4. Get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology

5. Start singing again

6. Travel to beautiful places

7. Visit the Grand Canyon

8. Join a pottery & painting class.

9. Obtain my Master’s of Medical Sciences from Emory University

10. Grow my own garden (and keep up with it)

11. Donate to charity and other organizations

12. Write my own book

13. A weekend in Las Vegas

14. Learn to play the piano.

15. Become an Al-Anon Sponsor

16. Work with the Prison Fellowship

17. Write a book

To be continued….


Katy Perry: Ellen von Unwerth Photoshoot

For those who don’t know..I admit: I am a Katy Perry lover, huge fan. For her music, her voice and talent. She loves her fans as much as they love her ❤

Katy Perry in Ellen von Unwerth Photoshoot for GHD (Photos).

Katy Perry Photoshoot

10 Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

Love it ❤

Thought Catalog

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Just a few of the best things I’ve learned from you, Dad.

1. Family first.

It is a simple concept. My father has always put his family first and I am beyond thankful for all that he does for us. It wasn’t until I left for college that I realized the importance of family and how wonderful it truly is. Family is always there for each other.

2. Your life amounts to the quality of your life, not the quantity in your bank account.

Money does not buy happiness; it never will. There is so much more to life than the amount of money you have.

3. Girls can, too.

With two older sisters and my mom, my father lives in a female-dominant household. He taught us how to throw a football and play softball. He spent hours coaching our basketball teams. He is…

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