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Childhood Abuses: Sometimes emotional more harmful than sexual or physical

I too can relate to this article. I was not sexually abused, but my father was and continues to be very emotionally and verbally abusive. I honestly do believe that this impacted many areas of my life (relationships, self-esteem, isolation, feeling worthless if not gaining approval and so on…”


Here I Am

Who are you,


You are not a name

Or a height, or a weight

or a gender

you are not an age

and you are not where you

are from

you are your favorite books

and the songs stuck in your head

you are your thoughts

and what you eat for breakfast

on Saturday mornings

you are a thousand things

but everyone chooses

to see the million things

you are not

you are not

where you are from

you are

where you’re going

and i’d like

to go there