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You can’t direct the wind, but can adjust your sails

Our pervasive demand for certainty in an uncertain world – for as we wait for certainty, our life passes us by.

What are some things that happened during your childhood that you find yourself still carrying around with you? What old behavior (or behaviors) still gets in your way? What is the connection between what happened when you were young and those behaviors that get in your way? What does freedom mean to you? Where have you lost yours? Do you think your fears will ever leave entirely? What if they don’t?



Childhood Abuses: Sometimes emotional more harmful than sexual or physical

I too can relate to this article. I was not sexually abused, but my father was and continues to be very emotionally and verbally abusive. I honestly do believe that this impacted many areas of my life (relationships, self-esteem, isolation, feeling worthless if not gaining approval and so on…”