If I could stop the stigma for just one day

A few days ago I was reading a post regarding from one of my favourite blogs, cherished79

For me, I would discuss my mental illness without the constant fear of being judged and criticized. I would be more open and willing to find a support group. My Father and I have not had a good, healthy relationship in years. Most importantly though, I would ask my loved one’s to please accept me as I am, as well as my mental illness. I wish I could tell my former employer of 5 years that I wasn’t just careless or lazy towards the end of my employment, but I was struggling with an undiagnosed mental disorder.

The two hardest things for me right now are:

a.) Sitting down with my parent’s and really explaining the significant importance of their support and understanding

To understand why people support family members or friends with other illnesses, yet leave those with mental illnesses to fend for themselves or even disregard them.  Were they embarrassed, ashamed or avoiding the problem?

To not have to keep hearing words or phrases such as “I’m having a nervous breakdown”, “did you see her today, she belongs in the looney-bin”, “my boss is driving me nuts”, “she should be on some good Lithium for those moods”. These are just an illustration of expressions I have overheard over the years, not just directed at me.  Kind of get tired of it.

I do know where I want to go in my life, as welll


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