The First Step To Free Yourself

The truth can be hard to swallow. But, it must be done in order to be free. Free from guilt and regret. You must face the pain and sorrows. In the end, just remember how far you went and how far you’ve gotten. Tell yourself you deserve to move on, continue your journey. Try to see the good, the things that you DO have in your life. No matter what or how much it may be. Life is too short to soak up only the bad things that are thrown our way. For me, I look at my struggles like stepping stones, preparing me for my future. Like I’m slowly becoming the person I truly want to be. There is a purpose for me here on this Universe. Just because it can’t be known today doesn’t give me the right to stop trying.

now fly away


6 thoughts on “The First Step To Free Yourself

  1. Callie Artime Post author


    Your words of encouragement and support are extremely helpful. I often will find myself discouraged, negative or feeling worthless. But, I try to pick up a book around the house, read a few pages of something that inspires me.
    It seems as if everyone copes with their pain and hardships in a variety of ways. Do you by chance? Lately, I’ve found it more difficult than usual to get inspired and stay strong.
    My Grandmother ALWAYS told me, “Everything happens for a reason”. I try to live by that saying, we must keep moving forward! Stay Positive : )


  2. Priscilla

    Hi Callie!

    I enjoyed reading.

    Many people have dealt with or are dealing with pain and sorrow, and it’s no easy process. Still, as you stated above, we must face our pains and sorrows. Head on.

    While facing them, however, we must remain encouraged.

    And, you have such great encouraging words here: “…continue your journey.” Yes. We must continue our journeys and live – trusting that all things work out in the ways that they are supposed to.

    Great post.

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