The Mental Health Systems Act and Omnibus Reconciliation Budget Act

Rants of An OCD Girl


The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 was a bill to improve the provision of mental health services and promote mental health throughout the United States. Itโ€™s significance was to help marginalized populations (i.e. minorities, chronically mentally ill, elderly, children) have access to beneficial private and public mental health and support services. It was signed by Jimmy Carter on October 7,1980.

The act defined โ€œcommunity mental health centersโ€ as institutions that provided services to people residing or working in the mental health service area, with the focus on the chronically mentally ill. The services from these health centers included:

1. inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services.

2. consultation and education services

3. assistance to courts and public agencies in placing people in treatment facilities

4. specialized treatment for children and the elderly

5. half-way house services

Each center was required to have a

1. Quality Assurance Program ( a program designatedโ€ฆ

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