Unemployment Shame: How to Deal With It

I really enjoyed this! I can say that I have and am still dealing with being unemployed. It’s so strange to me when someone ask, “Where do you work?”. I think mostly because I’m still in so much shock from all the drastic changes in my life this past year. I went from being a full-time manager, a college student and an independent young female to the complete opposite in a blick of an eye. I’ve worked since I was 16 and I actually enjoyed it, for the most part anyway. When I fell into a depression in November 2013, I just couldn’t do it anymore. Getting up and getting ready for work, whether it be a 4 hour shift or a 10 hour shift, was just to draining for me. My boss worked with me for as long as he could, but I kept letting him down. I began to not care if I was late, then I found myself barely making it to work two times a week. I was eventually let go in September 2014. Now I do hear a lot of, “Have you looked at jobs?”, “So, what’s going on with you finding a job?”. It embarrasses me at times because I do feel lazy, broke, and hopeless now that I have no income and am struggling financially. But, I finally came to the realization that it would be in my best interest to find a job again after I get out of my inpatient treatment for my bipolar disorder. I need to be mentally stable to hold a job down again, and I do know I can do it again. I’ll do it even better this time. I feel like my disorder causes me to have to be much harder on myself, yet I think I’m okay with it.


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