Remember, Show Gratitude!

I like this ! It really made me think about what I’ve been through the past two years, good and bad. My mother drank throughout my years growing, mostly the years between 12-19. Unfortunately, I watched her alcoholism progress more and more everyday, which caused me to lose a lot of my faith and hope. But, I’m happy to say that my mother is now 2 years and 3 months sober! Completely Alcohol Free! I’m grateful to have such a strong women in my life, my mom. The experiences that I went through made me realize so much more about life, love, addiction and forgiveness.


Empowerment with Dr. Diane Davis


Usually people wait until Thanksgiving to show gratitude, but why not do so every day?

Life throws so much at us.

Undeniably, it is much easier to be grateful for positivity in our lives.

We must learn to also be grateful for negativity as well.

Through negative experiences, we learn lessons that aid our human experience.

So be thankful for the good times as well as the bad.

Acknowledge the silver lining on every dark cloud .

And remember, there is so much to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for? Please share! Leave a comment below!

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