Humanity, Equality and Law..

It’s very interesting to me when people talk about the law as if it’s some sort of force of nature or almighty power. “Oh, dont mess with the LAW because it’ll come and getcha!” like, do people not realize that laws are man-made constructions of society? They can, and should, be changed when they no longer serve the people they were once set up to serve in the first place, even more so when said policies were only initially put into place to hinder a very specific group of people. Here’s an example: It is a universal fact that every human being is equal, but it was once American law that African slaves were only worth 3/5ths that of a white male. Our government is one that was created “of the people, for the people, by the people,” dependent on human ideas and human consciousness, so no matter what, there is always a chance for human error.


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