How to Sleep


4 thoughts on “How to Sleep

  1. piece4love

    no probs, I know exactly what you mean,,,, I first thought that your reblog was a comment that I couldn’t see, so for 10 minuts I search for your comment… which was a repost…hehehe, thanks once again =) By the way if you have problem sleeping and keeping focus, you can take a look on what you eat, how much you move your body, and you can take a look at your thoughts as well. If you have too many thoughts write them down in a book…. Oooh and last thing – keep every wifi device away from you at least 10-20 minuts before you sleep. =) ❤ let me know if some of it works on you. It worked on me ❤ big hugs ❤


  2. Callie Artime Post author

    Woahh Ignore that previous comment lol! At first, I read your comment wrong and thought someone was replying to my post, lol oppps!
    But I did enjoy your post lots:)
    my brain really loves to fight me on most nights when trying to sleep :p

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