So very true. Knowledge and understanding are crucial..

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Angรฉlique HayneAngรฉlique Hayne

I am certainly not a unique snowflake when I describe myself as someone who struggles with mental health. Like many, I have been coping for years with generalized anxiety disorder and periods of intense clinical depression. I am also in recovery for anorexia nervosa, which I was diagnosed with senior year of high school, and which, despite constant therapy, medication, and an incredibly supportive network of family and friends, continues to be a struggle for me, especially during times of great anxiety. These illnesses do not define me; they are not, and never will be, all I am. Yet, they are crucial to understanding me as a person, and as a clinician.

Yes, you read correctly. My name is Kate. I am a 23-year-old woman living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a full time student at the Simmons College Master of Social Work program in Boston. As partโ€ฆ

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